Barcelona are already the sexiest team to watch on the planet... and you should see their new calendar!

It's a widely held belief that Barcelona play the sexiest football around. So why not make a calendar to match?

That must have been the thinking at the Penya Lombarda Barcelona fan club in Italy, who are releasing the calendar below.
Then again, there's no way of knowing what's inside the calender - this may all be sneaky marketing.
When the boys rub their hands in glee and rip open the packaging they may be disappointed to find inside the rugged faces of Carles Puyol and Javier Mascherano.
Most football teams end up with star men on the pages of their calendars, but then Barca do claim they are 'mes que un club'.
The signs are promising and this looks like it could well be a better purchase than the official calendar. The fan club is 'not for profit' and the money goes to charity.

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